Propblur 1/144 propellers


various aircraft


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Scott Van Aken


etched brass

Most of you have probably already heard of PropBlur. They have been around for quite a while, though there have been times of inactivity. Basically, it is one of the more inventive ways of duplicating spinning propellers. While motorizing the blades is the best way, this isn't always a viable option. Some use clear discs with blurred blades painted on them and others just leave the prop blades off.

However, to me, these aren't really as nice as using PropBlur. I've built several models using PropBlur and like the way it turned out.

Up until now, these have only been available in 1/48 and 1/72 scales. Now that has changed as has the presentation. Previously, the blades have been separate with the modeler trimming them to the appropriate length prior to replacing the static blades. With the 1/144 versions, you get the full set of blades in one. This has meant three different sets.

One set is for two bladed props, one for three and one for four. this makes assembly and installation a lot easier as there is no worry about getting the distance between blade off. One basically builds up a new prop shaft with a pin on it to take the new blade and then one can stick on any hub or spinner. Those who want to cut each blade for insertion into a spinner such as those on the Bf-109 or Mustang can still do so.

Basically, one just paints them, trims them off the surrounding surface and installs them. Can't get more simple than that. Perfect for the airliner modeler who like to build their models for a stand. Visit their web site for contact information regarding getting these.

June 2010

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