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Scott Van Aken



Pend Oreille Models is well known for its exquisite resin aircraft model kits. But they do more than that. They have a nice selection of accessories used to spruce up any diorama. Included in their latest batch of goodies are some very unusual items that I don't think anyone else produces.

First is barbed wire, in both 1/48 and 1/35 scale. The wire comes packaged in four 300 mm strands. Shown here in a close-up is a sample of the 1/48 wire from the package shown to the left. As you can see, it actually looks like barbed wire and is in twisted strands. Of course, the scale stuff won't rip you to shreds as the 1/1 material will. The 1/48 wire is $7 and the 1/35 is $8 per package.

The other item is a 'Chevaux de Frise' which is basically barbed wire wrapped around a wooden construct. These were widely used as road blocks and as entrance areas into barbed wire enclosures because they could be lifted out of the way to allow passage. They were also placed in areas (such as gullies) where it would be difficult to place barbed wire. These come five to a box and are $15 for 1/48 (shown below) and $20 for the 1/35 versions.

I'm pretty impressed with the level of detail and that someone would have the ingenuity to produce these materials. I'm sure that anyone who does a diorama in which these materials can be used will be glad that POM has decided to market it.

Pend Oreille models and accessories can be purchased at quality hobby shops or direct vial the link below.

Thanks to Pend Oreille Models for the review samples.

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