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Scott Van Aken


Plastic repair and molding set

One of the bigger problems for many of us is how to repair or replace broken bits on our kits. Often one runs into a situation where either the manufacturer is unresponsive to our request for replacements, the kit is long out of production, or we just want to make or duplicate a part. We could also come into the situation where we have broken some part and need a good method for repair.

Plastech is a a set of materials that will allow not only the repair of broken plastic parts, but also provides a means of manufacturing new bits. The molding bar can be shaped to fit around whatever part needs to be repaired or to use for a mold for a duplicate part. It is a somewhat waxy material that can be reused many times.

The small kit that I received consists of  a bottle of Plastech Liquid, a bottle of resin powder, a powder dish, applicator, pipette, needle and a molding bar.

Instructions are provided for the proper use and mixing of the materials. It appears to be a relatively simple to use. This is not a one-shot set and there appears to be enough material for a number of small repair or molding jobs.

I've not had a chance to use this for any repair or molding tasks, but the set has a lot of possible uses for modelers and I'll give it a full test in the near future.

Review set courtesy of Plastech. Please visit them at their website for more information on ordering this set.

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