NewWare 1/72 B-45A/C Masks

KIT #: NWA M0208
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: For the Valom kit

As mentioned earlier, usually I pass on mask sets. However, there are times when a kit would never be built were it not for masks. The B-45 from Valom would be one of those kits.

This set from New Ware not only has masks for the canopy and the bombardier's position, but it also has wheel masks and masks for the engine nacelle anti-glare panels, which I think really adds to the value of this set.

As usual, the masks themselves are on a chartreuse sheet and you'd not be able to tell anything just looking at basically a blank rectangle, so I've duplicated the placement instructions so you can see what all is included.

This is something I would recommend.

October 2017

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