OLUJ 001 1/35 German Propaganda Posters




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Scott Van Aken



Allow me to copy from the instructions provided with these posters:

"As a part of the war propaganda which Third Reich established in the occupied Serbia, posters were linked to other propaganda tools fulfilling political and ideological standards in occupied Serbia. Posters combined strong visual effects, usually giving a simple vision of the enemy and its aims. Together with showing as many negative aspects of the enemy as possible: anti-Soviet, anti-Allied, anti-Jewish and anti-resistance (Partisans and Chetniks ), German war posters suggested the advantages of the new political and social models that were offered by Third Reich's new European order. Usually posters were printed in 20 000 and some of them reached no less than 100 000 prints."

These posters are printed on quality paper and are to be glued to the provided piece of card using white glue. The instructions suggest dipping the cut out poster into a 1:1 solution of warm water and white glue for 30 seconds before applying it to the card and that sounds like a most reasonable way to do things.

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