North Star  1/48 SS Rottenfuhrer Baum of the Walkure Brigade


PX 1001






Scott Van Aken


Pewter figure

North Star has decided to branch out into the fantasy arena with this latest figure. According to the info sheet that came with this figure, it is "...a science-fiction figure from our forthcoming Project X range. Project X is a .... range inspired by comic books, movies and computer games that features a (WW2) that never was."

Personally, I've always liked this type of figure, especially when it involves figures such as this one. These types of figures have the benefit of being in a standard war-gaming scale (25mm if I'm not wrong) and are of such a subject that makes them interesting in their own right.

North Star sent along an image of a painted version of this figure so you could see what it looks like complete. As you can see from the images, the detailing is superb for a figure of this size.

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