Noy's Miniatures 1/72 Luftwaffe Hangar

Those of you who are long time readers of MM will know about Noy's Miniatures products. Noy produces high quality printed paper display bases and other accessories. These are all on high quality cardstock and are provided in a variety of scales.


This particular one is their latest 1/72 Luftwaffe Hangar. You get six sheets in this one, one of these sheets being a selection of boxes, drums and posters. These are a nice addition to this well done set and are pretty easy to assemble. I'm still at a bit of a loss to figure what the items with the red X are on them, but I'm hoping one of you will tell me. To build these, it would be useful to add some tabs to them to help in the join process. For the boxes, an item you can use to make them more sturdy is to add some square plastic tubing to the insides of the corners.

As to the set itself, in all scale except 1/32 you get five sections. By using the back wall and one side you can make a nice display for fighters. This is large enough to accept fairly good size aircraft such as the Me-110 and the Do-335 that I have used in this illustration below. As you can see from the opening image, two smaller single engine aircraft will also fit nicely.


By adding in the other two sheet, you can make a nice display that includes a bomber or other fairly large aircraft. The He-111 in the illustration fills the display nicely without being too large for it. The dividing line between the large and small sections is just to the right of the line of blocks you see in the middle. By scattering around the various boxes and barrels supplied, you can make for a fairly impressive scene.


These are a great idea and apparently sell quite well. They are a superb way to show off your model either at home or as a setting in a show.

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January 2020

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