Noy's Miniatures Modern Fighter Hangar

Noy's Miniatures has been doing a lot of great bases and is moving into diorama materials as well. This particular set is for a modern hangar the is found all over Western Europe and North America. The set is made of three beautifully reproduced card of which one is the floor, one is the back and the other is a side. This makes superb display area whether it just contains the aircraft or if one wants to load it up with figures and other accessories.

The set is available in four scales; 1/144, 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32. The one shown here is the 1/72 set (7226) and here are the various dimensions of this set:

 Floor: Length: 31.0 cm / 12.2 inch; Width: 21.9 cm / 8.6 inch;

Rectangle Wall: Length: 31.0 cm / 12.2 inch; Width: 21.9 cm / 8.6 inch;

Square Wall: Length: 21.9 cm / 8.6 inch; Width: 21.9 cm / 8.6 inch.

The other set numbers are 144026 for the 1/144 set, 4826 for the 1/48 set and 3226 for the 1/32 set. These are printed on quality cardstock except for the 1/32 set which, due to its size, is printed on heavy paper and sent in a roll.

Here are a few images to show what the set looks like:

As you can see, it really is quite well done and makes for an excellent backdrop and base for photographing your modern jets.

These are quite reasonably priced. Prices do not include shipping. Payment through paypal. You can contact them via e-mail at which time shipping information will be provided. Please contact Noy's Miniatures at for more information and on ordering these superb airfield tarmac bases. These are also available at some stockists, so check your local shop to see if they carry them.

October 2016

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Tarmac section courtesy of Noy's Miniatures.

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