Noy's Miniatures NM 72171/2: Battle of Britain Airfield

Next in their line of superb photo quality tarmac prints is this one that is more than just a tarmac base. This set depicts a Battle of Britain base area and comes complete with a backdrop print. One of the backdrops is a brick revetment and the other is a simple grass revetment. Also included are two sliver sections; one is grass and the other is brick with grass above it.

These later two items provide some depth to the display. The brick section will need to be folded into an angle to use and on mine, I used a ruler, though any straight edge should do the trick. The printing as absolutely first class and is on high quality and rather substantial paper.


This particular base is 1/72 scale and is 31cm x 22 cm (12.2" x 8.66") with a backdrop of similar size. This set is also available in 1/144 and in 1/48 scale. For purposes of ordering the "1" set is brick background and the "2" set is grass. Simply supplant the "72" in the part number with either "48" or "144" for other scales.

It really is quite well done and as you can see, sets off any model you choose to place upon it.


These are quite reasonably priced. Prices do not include shipping. Payment through paypal. You can contact them via e-mail at which time shipping information will be provided. Please contact Noy's Miniatures at for more information and on ordering these superb airfield tarmac bases. These are also available at some stockists, so check your local shop to see if they carry them.

June 2014

Tarmac section courtesy of Noy's Miniatures.

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