Noy's Miniatures WWI displays with backdrops

This latest set is a really neat idea and that is to have not only a base, but a background as well. In fact, Noy's Miniatures provided TWO backgrounds; one for winter and another for summer. The difference is that with one there are no leaves on the trees in the background and on the other there are. The background section is basically the doors of a hangar (at least, that is what they look like to me.

Typical of Noy's bases, the subject is printed on thick, photo quality paper and looks very much like the real thing.

This set is available in both 1/72 and 1/48 with the only difference being the size.

Approx. dimensions:

Each 1/72 sheet: Length: 31 cm / 12.2 inch; Width: 22 cm / 8.66 inch.

Each 1/48 sheet: Length: 39.5 cm / 15.5 inch; Width: 28 cm / 11.02 inch. 

Now I am almost embarrassed to say that I do not have any 1/72 WWI aircraft to use to help show off these bases and really, only one in 1/48. But trust me when I say they are the same quality. I have provided photos of the two different backdrops so you can see how they will look.

It would be very cool if an interior display would be in the works, and I have suggested that, so we will see what happens. Whatever is next, you know it will be very nice.  

Their other tarmac sections are very reasonably priced and this one should be no exception. They are shipped with great care to ensure that they arrive in pristine condition. Payment through paypal. You can contact them via e-mail at which time pricing and shipping information will be provided. Please contact Noy's Miniatures at for more information and on ordering these superb airfield tarmac bases. These are also available at some stockists, so check your local shop to see if they carry them.

March 2013

Tarmac section courtesy of Noy's Miniatures.

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