Noy's Miniatures 1/144 Israeli AF Tarmac (1970s)

Next in their line of superb photo quality tarmac prints is this one for 1/144 scale modelers. This is based on a 1970's Israeli Air Force tarmac, but could easily be used for a variety of purposes where the base uses rectangular sections.

There are a number of different hues for the concrete sections and as these are based on Israeli tarmac, there are sand bits as well. However, these can easily be painted over or covered with 'grass' if need be. This is a parking area with access lines leading onto regular taxi ways.

The base is 29.5 x 20.8 cm or about 11.6 x 8.2 inches (A4 size). I found a 9x12 document frame in which to install this section. It is a tad big for the base, but still holds the sheet rather well.

In the first image is a Short Sperrin heavy bomber so you can use it for larger aircraft. In the second image, I have three fighter/trainer types that shows the amount of room there is to display multiple types if that is what you wish.

These are quite reasonably priced. Prices do not include shipping. Payment through paypal. You can contact them via e-mail at which time shipping information will be provided. Please contact Noy's Miniatures at for more information and on ordering these superb airfield tarmac bases. These are also available at some stockists, so check your local shop to see if they carry them.

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