Model Paint Solutions sample bottles




$5.50 MSRP



Scott Van Aken

Finally, we have a set from Model Paint Solutions that is perfect for those who are not sure what size fits them best. This one includes one of each of the four sizes MPS produces; 6, 10, 20, and 40mm. The set includes the nozzles, caps, and metal bearing to help shake up the paint. There is also a funnel provided as well as a chart to assist in etching the side of each bottle for mixing.

In all, this makes a fine set and one that I think you will find quite useful. As a bit of a reminder, these  bottles are made from PET plastic and as such are impervious to most solvents and that includes both lacquer, acetone, and enamel thinners. They are pharmaceutical grade so do not leak nor lose volume from evaporation.

January 2017

Review set courtesy of Model Paint Solutions

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