Model Paint Solutions 6mm bottles




$6.00 MSRP



Scott Van Aken

There are times when something shows up that is really useful. This is such an item. Model Paint Solutions carries a variety of interesting items for model painters, and one is a line of storage bottles. Most of us have used paints that come in these 'eye-dropper' bottles and have found them to be better than the standard glass bottles or tinlets.

These bottles are made from PET plastic and as such are impervious to most solvents and that includes both lacquer, acetone, and enamel thinners. They are pharmacutical grade so do not leak nor lose volume from evaporation.

This particular set is 6mm, the smallest size, and consists of five bottles, the dropper inserts, caps and to help mix the paints, non-rusting BB's. A nice funnel is also included to help in pouring material into each bottle. There is an instruction sheet with each set that includes a graduation of every 2mm so that you can etch these markings on your bottles if you so wish. These are perfect for those who mix their own colors or just like premixing paints for use on down the road. This latter item is appealing to me as I do this all the time using old glass paint bottles.

There are other sets and these will be covered in the following weeks. I recommend visiting them at the link below for more information. .

January 2017

Review set courtesy of Model Paint Solutions

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