MiG Productions Arab Tanker
KIT #: MP35-270
DECALS: None required
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin figure

An item that is often a real positive embellishment to any kit, especially military vehicles, is a figure of some sort. Several companies include figures with their kits and some are actually quite good. There are various plastic figure sets out there, but nothing can capture the crispness and clarity of a figure like resin.

There are several resin companies that make figures and they all do quite well. MiG Productions has several in their catalogue and this is a modern day Arab tanker. He is dressed in what is a standard Soviet/Russian ensemble that includes the padded leather helmet.

The figure is very nicely molded standing in a casual pose. There are four parts including a full torso and legs, separate arms and a separate head. No instructions are provided, but this is the norm for figures. A front view of a painted figure is shown on the front of the box and a rear view on the back.

A nice option for those building tanks as operated by Egypt, Syria, Iraq or any other nation in the area that operates Russian equipment.

July 2017

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