Masterpiece Models 1/32 Soviet airfield base
ITEM #: MMSV-004
PRICE: $19.95 plus s&h
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Foam cast resin

Many of you know Masterpiece Models from their superb and very complete resin kits of various items like riverine craft and spacecraft. However, they have a great line of bases of various sizes and scale for a wide variety of projects.

This particular item is one of their foam cast resin bases that depicts the standard Soviet hexagonal ramp pattern that can be found everywhere there was a Soviet or a Russian influence. The base itself measures a foot on each side, making it usable for a lot of different models. The only Soviet aircraft model I have in 1/32 scale is an I-16 and while I'm not sure if this style of tarmac was extant in the early 1940s, I decided to use it anyway.  As you can see from the close-up image, there is a section of dirt/grass along the edge to add interest. I should note that the Russians don't do much in the way of upkeep and weeds along with grass and plants growing in the seams of the hexes is pretty normal.

This base would also be applicable to a sci-fi subject. Check them out; you'll be pleased you did.

November 2014

My thanks to Masterpiece Models for providing the review item.

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