Masterpiece Models Sandbox
PRICE: $24.95
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Dust free sanding system

Many of you know Masterpiece Models from their superb and very complete resin kits of various items like riverine craft and spacecraft. However, they have a great line of tools that are not only useful, but unique as well. Case in point is The Sandbox. This is one of those things where you wonder why someone hasn't thought of it before.

The concept is quite simple and the tool consists of two parts. One is the sanding platform with a myriad of 1/8 inch holes. The other is a plenum base into which you plug the hose from an appropriate vacuum cleaner. You then take a half sheet of sandpaper, use a removable spray glue to attach it to the platform, then using a nail or other pointy object, punch holes into the sandpaper.

Turn on the vacuum cleaner and sand away. This is particularly useful when doing resin parts as resin dust seems to get everywhere during the process. While I did not have any actual sandpaper, I did use a sheet of regular paper taped to the platform and held up to the light so I could punch some holes in it. I plugged in my vac and turned it on. It really does supply a lot of suction and aside from sending my cats out of the room, seems like it would work great. It seems to me that if you limited the number of holes, you would get even more suction power.

It is a very nice and sturdy item that will fill a need if you want to help keep things dust free when you model. November 2015

My thanks to Masterpiece Models for providing the review item.

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