Mastery Miniatures 1/48 pilot figures


48001 & 48012


$8.98 MSRP (7.97 at Squadron)




Scott Van Aken


Pewter  (Listed as Diverse Images)


This is a new line of figures to me and one that I'd think would be most welcome to 1/48 modelers. The two sent to me for review are an RAF pilot scrambling to his aircraft and a seated 109 pilot, though I'm sure that he would be usable in a number of other aircraft as well. The RAF pilot includes a parachute that one could easily leave hanging over the tailplane of a handy Spitfire or Hurricane.

Both are cast in pewter and the detail is quite good for figures in this scale, especially metal ones. The RAF pilot has a small casting post attached and that could be quite handy for painting and for installing the figure in a scene. The mold seam on both figures is very light and should be a breeze to clean up .

Color information is given on the back of the card and all is listed by Humbrol number only. I won't go into how I feel about this practice, however, it should not be that difficult for those of us who don't have access to Humbrol to get the colors right as the nice color photo that comes with each figure should suffice.  Others in this series include ground crew, some other pilot standing poses, and seated figures for a Corsair, P-51, Fw-190 and Spitfire; all in 1/48.

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