KIT: Masterpiece Models 1/72 Resin armor base
ITEM #: 72001
PRICE: $12.99 plus s&h
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Solid cast resin.

Many of you know Masterpiece Models from their superb and very complete resin kits of various items like riverine craft and spacecraft.

Now they have gone to the basics with a series of resin bases for 1/72 armor. These bases are all superbly molded and basically ready to paint. This neat pentagonal base measures 6 inches on any of its facets to an opposing point. It is raised quite a bit from 'base' level and includes several shell holes as well as some foot prints and wheel marks so this one would have to be in a snowy or muddy scene as I don't think sand would hold these shapes.

December 2005

My thanks to Masterpiece Models for providing the review item.

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