Montex SM 72306: P-40E Canopy Mask




Scott Van Aken


For the Special Hobby kit

As I've mentioned before, I've become a fan of these things for multi-panel clear parts, mostly used on WWII aircraft. It saves a bit of time and is especially useful if there are tiny panels or ones that have indistinct frame lines.

This set is for the Special Hobby P-40E, a kit that i've had on order for quite a while and has still not yet arrived. In line with pretty much all mask makers, this one includes masks for the wheels, which I can appreciate. Unlike some others, Montex uses vinyl for its masking material instead of kabuki tape. Either method is valid, though I've been told that vinyl will shrink a bit after a few years. I've not had issues in that regard so take this info as you will.

July 2020

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