Hawkeye Designs 1/48 Luftwaffe Starting Cart
MSRP $5.95

Here's a neat little accessory that no respectable Luftwaffe builder can do without;  a starting cart.  No more need to have those guys out there cranking on the interial starter, just plug this baby in and away you go!

As you can see, there really isn't much to it.  Just a chassis, wheels and a few bits for the top of it to represent the gas engine and generator.  You get a brass axle, a bit of copper wire for some handles and a bit of plastic rod for a few other bits.  

If anything was missing, it would be the power cable and plug. Seems to me that is needed to transfer the juice to the plane.

The image on the right is a bit larger than full size so huge this is not, but it is perfect to have plugged into your Focke-Wulf.