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Scott Van Aken





Over the last ten or so years, there has been an increasing market for things to add to our kits. In addition to the various brass, resin and plastic bits that we put in and on our models, demand has extended to what we place our model on. This is no where more evident than in aircraft modeling and the ever-expanding market for bases. Among the more popular are flight deck sections for naval aircraft.

For those of you who do not know what a test shot is, it is a product made to text the accuracy and operation of the mold for a product. As such, these items are generally without documentation or instructions normal for a market-ready product.


Just Plane Stuff has always done some of the finest work in this area, producing bases for both WWII and post war naval aircraft that are second to none (at least in this reviewers opinion). Just received is the latest from JPS. This is a World War II base that is made out of a resin foam material.  Yet the surface is just as dense and able to take detail as any resin parts I have ever seen (see image to right).

Probably what is most striking about this base is the presentation. The carrier surface itself stands proud of the framed base itself, giving a superior view of the kit and the base itself. This sure beats the heck out of sticking a large slab of resin into a picture frame. In addition to the light weight of the base, it is quite thick so warping shouldn't be an issue. You basically paint it, give it any washes or dry-brushing you want and it is done.

The base comes with very complete instructions on painting and and an in-depth historical background. Apparently this deck type was used on over 150 carriers that were used by the US and Royal Navy during WWII. In short, the instructions will give you all the background you need to do a superb job on it.



As with every product made by Just Plane Stuff, I can highly recommend it to you if you have any interest in the subject whatsoever. This is another quality product with which you will be very pleased.

Review copy courtesy of Just Plane Stuff .

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PS. for those who have requested it, here is an image of the JPS Japanese flight deck. This is the 1/72 deck with a photo of a painted one laid atop it for comparison.