Hataka Late War Soviet Paint Set

PRICE: 24.00 euros 
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Six shades

One thing that modelers are not lacking is a choice of hobby paints. In recent years, those which are offered in 17ml 'eyedropper' bottles have become very popular in Europe and various bottle designs are used by major manufacturers. I personally like them as it makes getting the paint out of the bottles a lot easier than digging out of tinlets or having to pour from a glass jar.

Hataka is a line out of Poland and while they do water based acrylics, I prefer lacquers when it comes to painting. Lacquers do require additional precautions, but the improved quality of the paint along with the greater adhesion makes these types of paint worth it. I also find that lacquers provide a smoother finish. So when it came time to get some paints for a Soviet aircraft project, I decided to give Hataka a try. This was encouraged by the fact that I'd run out of several shades in the Colourcoats paints I had previously been using for Soviet subjects.

This particular set covers mid-late war shades that include AMT-4 Camouflage Green, AMT-7 Greyish-Blue, AMT-11 Blue Grey, AMT-12 Dark Grey, A-21m Light Greyish Brown, and Night Black. These shades will work on fighters such as Yak-3 and La-7 as well as attack aircraft like the Pe-2 and IL-2. A very useful set and initial uses of the paint have given a positive impression.

October 2020

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