HR Models CO7225: Small Pioneer Air Rafts


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Scott Van Aken


Resin with photo etched parts

I guess that sooner or later, one will see just about anything done in resin. This is the first time I've seen rafts, and I have to say that they are very well done. There are two in the set and the detailing is quite nice. There is a mold seam running around the edge and a resin pour stub to remove, but they are placed in such a location as to make them quite easy to remove. I also spotted a few pinholes that will need filled. There is a resin bottom for each of these as well as an etched metal fret with a choice of paddle styles.

There instructions are quite basic and show these to be painted black with a dark green or rust flooring. Gotta say that it is not something you see every day!

September 2006

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