Flattops and More 1/72 WW II


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Scott Van Aken


Multimedia display base kit

Nothing really adds to a model display more than a nice base. There are several ways to get this. One is to make one yourself, another is to buy one of the many resin bases and yet a third is to get one in a kit.

Yep, we rarely think about doing a kit of a base, yet that may well be the way to get one that is more accurate than doing it yourself or perhaps trying to scratch-build one.

Flattops and More offers a most interesting kit. This particular one is in 1/72 scale, but they are also available in other scales. What you get is a black plastic base, three sheets of laser cut balsa, several strips of photo-etch tie down, three 'U' channel strips and three thin shim strips. The photo-etch and strips come packaged in a plastic tube that guarantees no damage to the parts.

One simply lays out the way one wants to have the base (as in square on or angled a bit), then follows the comprehensive instructions. By dividing the balsa into the correct number of sections between tiedowns, one can do a pre Essex class carrier (7 planks), or a later version (11 planks). The shims and 'U' channels hold up the etched tie-down sections so you'll have the depth one sees on the real ship deck. Balsa wood was chosen as it is easy to work with and takes various stains beautifully.

The end result will be a deck base that will really set off your next US naval aircraft kit.

My thanks to Flattops and More for the review sample. Visit their website at the link for more info and to get yours.

November 2006

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