Fineline Stainless Steel Tubing

Units: quite a few, I imagine


1,75 per tube from Fineline


Scott Van Aken

There comes a time when all modelers will be needing some sort of tubing. Whether it is to replace kit gun barrels or aircraft pitot tubes or to build up a new ship's mast, tubing comes in very handy. While plastic tubing is fine, there are times when one wants the look and strength of metal. If one also wants thin walls, then the only metal tubing that will look right  is stainless steel.

Fineline has four different sizes of stainless steel tubing, each 100mm long and of such a size that one can sleeve the smaller sizes into the larger. The sample sent was the largest size of 1.65mm OD (Outer Diameter), but  they offer three smaller sizes. ST19 is 1.10mm OD, ST 23 is .63mm OD and ST 30 is the smallest at .30mm OD. These are all available direct from the link below.

My thanks to Fineline for the review piece.

November 2008

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