Fineline Woven Brass Mesh

Units: quite a few, I imagine


2,00 per sheet from Fineline


Scott Van Aken

This item from Fineline of the UK is brass wire mesh or screening. It is available in five different grades in 40, 50, 60, 80, and 100 wires per inch. Each sheet is 100 x 75mm in size and can be attached to whatever you wish using superglue or perhaps epoxy. Being brass, it can be formed around compound curves and can be folded if need be. The image you see shows sections of the finest (100 wires) and the coarsest (40 wires) that are available. This material has a multitude of uses in all scales and is something quite handy to have around.

My thanks to Fineline for the review sheets.

November 2008

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