French Aviation Research Work:

 French Camouflage Colors, 1917-18

There are times when something unique comes along and so it is with this sheet of paint chips. The sheet provides a number of different colors used by the French Air Force during 1917/1918. The reason there isn't much from earlier is that planes before that were generally unpainted.

What makes this set truly unique is that each of the paint 'chips' is actually a section of fabric. The color was applied just the way it would have been on the real aircraft. Each color has been painstakingly researched from extant relics to provide the most accurate look at these shades that has yet been offered.

There are nine different shades on this chart, which pretty well covers most if not all the standard shades. As is true of camouflage paints through the ages, there are variations in the colors and the authors have provided those where it is appropriate.

Each section is superbly done and as you can see from the close-up of one, the reddish brown rectangle from the center of the chart, looks a bit different from what you might otherwise expect from standard paint references.

There are only 120 sets being produced and it is a must have for the enthusiast or modeler alike. Contact the French Aviation Research Work at the e-mail provided below for more information. Highly recommended.

July 2016


Review copy courtesy of the French Aviation Research Work. For information on getting yours, contact them at 

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