Falcon 1/48 Spitfire Canopies


Various variants


approx. $12.00


Scott Van Aken


vacuformed plastic

Many people really like to use vacuformed canopies on their kits. Often times they are much clearer than the injected ones supplied and if doing an open canopy, the thinness of the plastic is much closer to prototypical than injected ones. For years, the best canopies on the market have come from Falcon of New Zealand. They currently offer over 45 different sets in both 1/72 and 1/48. This particular one is their most recent and is set 51 for the Spitfire.

Most of the other sets follow a theme and offer canopies for a variety of different aircraft, such as Luftwaffe bombers or USN fighters. This one is all for the wide variety of Spitfires that were produced from the Mk.I to the 47. If you think all Spitfires are the same, they you need to do some research! This set carries 16 different canopies, all of them so clear that they are quite difficult to photograph!

There is a complete listing of the canopies as well as which kits they were designed for in the single page instruction sheet that accompanies the box. In addition, there are references given in case you would like to see photos of the types that are mentioned. If you are planning a Spitfire model and are looking for a quality replacement canopy, then this is the set for you.

Canopy set courtesy of Richard Holland. Thank very much, Richard!

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