Mr. Color JASDF Oceanic Camouflage Paint Set


Gunze Sangyo




$4.50 plus shipping from Japan


Scott Van Aken

It is no surprise that camouflage colors on combat aircraft change. Sometimes a lot, and sometimes just a different shade of grey. The JASDF decided several years ago to change the colors applied to its maritime strike aircraft. So the colors on which they decided were a couple of blues. One is deep ocean blue, the other is a shallow ocean blue.

Not surprisingly, Gunze Sangyo decided to bring out a set that offers these colors as well as a medium grey for the radomes of those planes that needed it. These colors are part of their Mr Color line, which means they are not acrylic lacquers but straight lacquer paints. Gone are the neat tops with the grab handle on top of them and a return to standard bottles, this time all of which have a black cap.

This is quite a handy set to have as modern JMSDF aircraft are of a blue shade that is an even mixture of the deep and shallow blues. Though probably not available in the US, if you are not afraid of ordering from overseas, they are easy enough to find.

April 2017

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