Mission Models Micro-Chisel






1mm replacement tip set (MM-10) $11.50


Scott Van Aken

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with Mission Models, but among the products they provide are excellent tools of all sorts to assist the modeler. I've had their Etch-Mate P.E. folding tool for a while and don't know how I did without it as it is superb.

They also do various other specialty tools and among them is the Micro-Chisel. This is just as the name implies and is a square tipped, 2mm chisel that is perfect for getting into small places to remove plastic detail prior to replacing it with photo etch. It has other uses as well such as removing resin blobs that have built up in wheel wells and other hard to reach areas.

In addition, they do a 1mm replacement tip set. This includes three tips; a pair of flats and a round (which is useful for digging grooves). These will allow you to get into even tighter places and do more detailed work. A 2mm set (not shown) is also available.

I bought one of the Micro-Chisels a few months back and find myself using it a lot more than I'd have thought when I initially bought it. The rugged steel handle with rubber grip is easy to hold and adds some heft to things. You'll be surprised how easily you can do intricate carving work with this. It is especially good for those doing work on armor and is a product that I can highly recommend to you all.

April 2006

Review set courtesy of Mission Models, where you can buy direct.

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