Black Magic Canopy and Wheel Masks


CEBM 35008/010/011


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See review


Scott Van Aken

If you like helicopters and you like them large, then this latest batch of Black Magic canopy and wheel masks should interest you.

Set CEBM 35008 is for the Panda 1/35 UH-1N Iroquois and sells for $5.99. This is the smallest of the three sets, but that is because the UH-1 doesn't have wheels! Next is CEBM 35010 for the Trumpeter 1/35 Mi-8/17 Hip. This extensive set sells for $8.99. Finally, comes CEBM 35011 for the Trumpeter 1/36 Mi-24 Hind. This large set also retails for $8.99.

Regardless of which set you buy, you'll be assured of an excellent and useful product.

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