Cutting Edge Canopy and Wheel Masks


CEBM 48550/551/557


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See review


Scott Van Aken

This set of Black Magic canopy and wheel masks covers three French jet aircraft in 1/48 scale.

First up is CEBM 48550 for the Fonderie Miniatures 1/48 Super Mystere B.2 and retails for $4.99. Next is CEBM 48551 for the Hi-Tech Vautour IIN, retailing for $5.99. Finally, for the new Eduard Mirage IIIC is CEBM 48557 which retails for $4.99. These sets include not only masks for the canopy, but cleverly designed wheel masks that provide a space to hold onto the wheel when the mask is in place so that painting is made much easier.

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