Cutting Edge Canopy and Wheel Masks


CEBM 48 549/553/554


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Scott Van Aken

Cutting Edge has sent a goodly batch of their latest canopy and wheel masks so I thought it best to break them down into like sets for the various reviews. This is the first set and covers US jets.

The first set is for the Hasegawa AV-8B Harrier. CEBM 48549 retails for $4.99. Next is set CEBM 48553 for the Classic Airframes F-5B and retails for $5.99. The third set is for the Sword T-38 and CEBM 48554 retails for $4.99. What makes these sets so neat is that they are simple peel and stick. Any large openings can be filled with liquid mask or covered with tape. The wheel masks have extra material that is designed for you to be able to hold it why spraying the hub. A very worthy accessory and one that you should seriously consider for your next kit.

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