Cutting Edge


CEBM 44002




1/144 Space Shuttle


Scott Van Aken

Cutting Edge has discovered rockets and spacecraft, a market that has had little in the way of mainstream coverage. In particular, they have started doing a number of items for the Space Shuttle.

This particular set is Tile Masks for the various 1/144 kits from Revell and Minicraft, though I'm thinking it is more designed for the Minicraft kit.

Basically, according to the instructions, what one does with these is to paint the airframe, apply the masks, and then paint the black areas. The sets also include wheel masks as well as masks for the solid boosters. Frankly, these are well worth the cost, as the Shuttles are complex shapes that will take hours to mask the standard way.

This set is also available for the 1/72 Revell kit and is number CEBM72165. It retails for $13.99 and provides the same level of coverage as the 1/144 set, though it is, of course, quite a bit larger!

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