Black Magic #CEBM48028


 Hasegawa 1/48 Bf-109K




Scott Van Aken



Cutting Edge has jumped into the masking business in a very big way. Undoubtedly spurred on by the success of EZ-Masks, they have brought out a line of masks called Black Magic. However they have gone EZ-Masks one step more.

In this sheet are not only masks for the Erla Haube canopy, but also masks for the wheels. They are even marked as to which side is which. In this case the H stands for the side with the hole in it for the axle!! There are even masks for the tail wheel. They are shaped the way they are so that you can mask both sides at once and have a nice hand hold as well. There are sufficient masks for two aircraft included on this sheet.

Not only are their Black Magic masks for canopies, but a whole line of masks for camouflage as well. These sheets are huge and considerably more expensive than the $6 I paid for this one. In addition to camo scheme sheets, there are ones for D-Day and other stripes so that you can paint these on your aircraft.

Time for a bit of an editorial here. First of all, I do applaud CE for finding a niche and filling it with their camo scheme sheets, but frankly, except for maybe the fuselage D-Day stripes, I can't see spending what in many cases is over $20 for a hard-edged, one time camo mask. I mean, how difficult is it to use low tack tape or other method to do camouflage schemes? Luftwaffe splinter patterns are so simple a Mon-Key could do it. They are all straight lines! Are modelers becoming so lazy that they cannot do something as simple as a camouflage scheme?? The next thing you know the kits will come preassembled and painted where all we have have to do is plug in the wings and landing gear!

Anyway, the Black Magic masks look to be very good and give you plenty of extra stuff to help you mask simpler canopies, and their wheel masks are a boon to those of us who can't paint the things worth a hoot. Similarly, their camouflage masks will be eagerly sought by those who feel they can't paint. I'll be using this sheet for the Hasegawa 109K-4 and will let you know in that review how they work.