Aircraft Profile Prints S-3B Viking - VS-41



$24.95 plus S&H


Scott Van Aken

Notes: Three sizes available

Something that has grown in popularity over the years has been aircraft profile prints. These are the sorts of things that ex-military veterans as well as enthusiasts like as it either reminds them of their service or allows them to have a piece of artwork of their favorite aircraft in their study or den.

One place that has an incredible number of these is They have literally dozens of prints of dozens of aircraft with even more being produced. They also do custom work should this be something in which you are interested.

Each print is available in three sizes, 16 x 12, 24 x 16 and 40 x 16 (all in inches). Each order is carefully shipped in a strong cardboard tube and is double wrapped. Shipping in the US for any number is $9.95 and over $100 is free.

The owner contacted me to see if I would like to review one. After looking through his catalogue, I decided to choose a print from the unit with which I ended my Navy career, VS-41. The aircraft is in the TPS scheme and portrays the aircraft when the unit was disestablished in 2006. Though different in some markings and equipment from when I retired in 1993, the print is quite accurate. I was sent the smaller of the three sizes and the actual paper measurements are 18 x 13.5 inches. This leaves room for it to be cropped in order to fit it into a frame. The print includes a nice write-up telling about the unit. To me, this is the only place I would improve it as the print is small and quite difficult for me to read as it is printed in a light/medium grey. Printing this in a more contrasting shade would, for me, be better.

Overall, this is an excellent product that is quite reasonably priced and will make a great addition to the 'me' room of any modeler or enthusiast.

Copyright October 2015

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