Amodel 1/72 DB601A/E

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REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Engine and hoist


The Daimler-Benz DB 601 was a German aircraft engine built during World War II. It was a liquid-cooled inverted V12, and powered the Messerschmitt Bf 109, among others. The DB 601 was basically an improved DB 600 with direct fuel injection.

The DB 601Aa was licence-built in Japan by Aichi as the Atsuta and Kawasaki as the Ha-40 to be used in the Kawasaki Ki-61 and in Italy by Alfa Romeo as the R.A.1000 R.C.41-I Monsone for use in the Macchi C.202.

The engine displaced 33.93 litres or 2,070 cubic inches and depending on version, produced from 1,100 to 1,350 horsepower. It was two of these engines coupled together that produced the DB 606 for the He-177.


It is not often that we have kits of aero engines and even less frequently that those kits are in 1/72, making for a rather small model. However, in addition to the engine itself, the kit includes a second sprue that contains a portable engine hoist as well as the wooden engine stand to help in displaying the engine itself. Of course, this is for the diorama fan who wants to show an engine change, and since so many planes used this engine, there are a wide range of possible scenarios.

Detail on the parts is quite good, though a teeny bit on the 'soft' side. As one usually gets from Amodel and other similar companies, the parts will need to be cleaned up prior to use as there is some flash. Test fitting each time is highly recommended. Basically, I treat their kits like short run and so know what to expect.

Instructions are well done with clear construction drawings and painting info. Basically a black engine and RLM 66 hoist. A small decal sheet is included that provides several serial number options and exhaust covers.


This is a neat little kit that can easily be used as part of a diorama or to stand alone as a small display


August 2009

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