Alclad 2 Micromesh polishing system


A variety of uses




Scott Van Aken


For realistic metallic finishes


One thing about metallic finishes is that they show every single glitch in the surface of the underlying plastic. If you have a glue stain, scratches or other defects, metallics will make them extremely visible. One reason why getting a quality finish is so important.

Alclad 2 sells a Micromesh polishing system which includes five grades of polishing cloth; 3200, 4000, 6000, 8000, and 12000 grade along with a fine foam rubber polishing pad. One basically wraps the cloth being used over the pad and then gently polish the plastic with it.

Car modelers have been using this for years to get the finest paint finishes for their models and now you can have the same thing for prepping your models for Alclad 2 paints.

August 2006

Review sample courtesy of Alclad 2

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