Alclad 2 Clear Base


A variety of uses




Scott Van Aken


For realistic metallic finishes


This is the latest and greatest from Alclad 2. It is a clear base that is put on over your model prior to applying any of the Alclad 2 metallic colors. It basically gives you a clear gloss surface onto which your colors can properly adhere.  It is best applied in several light coats with 1 hour drying time between coats, and overnight to cure. It is designed for the shinier metallics like Airframe Aluminum, Polished Aluminum and chrome. It is important that the plastic under it be a smooth as possible as this coat is quite thin.

It comes in a large 4 oz bottle and should be enough for a multiplicity of models. I need to mention that this is an undercoat and not designed as an overall clear coat. As you can see by the color, it is not clear and will leave a yellowish tinge if used over lighter colors.

August 2006

Review sample courtesy of Alclad 2

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