Alclad II


A variety of uses




Scott Van Aken


For realistic metallic finishes

Like most modelers, I am always looking for something new and interesting. Getting realistic metallic finishes has always been something that most of us have had trouble producing. There have been a number of different products on the market to accomplish this and they have all had a varying degree of success in accomplishing their mission.

New to many of us in the US is Alclad II. Like most other applications, it is a lacquer, already thinned, and is designed to be airbrushed on. It comes in a variety of metallic shades and the line includes a chromacolor-type of prismatic paint that car modelers should like. Each 30 milliliter bottle comes with instructions on how to use the paint as well as having some ball bearings in it to assist in proper mixing.

There are two types of Alclad II, regular and highly polished. Both types need to have the model thoroughly undercoated with acrylic primer. In the case of the highly polished and chrome, this must be a gloss black. The primer will prevent the Alclad II from attacking the plastic underneath.

It is recommended to spray Alclad II at 12-15 psi from a distance of 2-3 inches away from the model for the best results. The paint can be masked within 10 minutes of application and when cured, you can spray any other type of paint over it. No sealer is provided as it is not needed.

As with other finishes of this type, they can be polished more if desired (except the Chrome). All of the shades except for the Highly Polished ones can be intermixed if desired.

Though I have not used this product myself (yet), I have heard nothing but positive comments about it from those who have. Alclad II is available in the US from some of the on-line stores. North American Hobbies (one of our sponsors), has the line on order from the UK and it should be in stock sometime after the new year. I am currently building a '50's era jet that will use Alclad II and will report on it when the kit is finished.

Review samples courtesy of Alclad II

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