AKAN Soviet Air Force 1978-89

SET: 46314
PRICE: $26.00
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

  AKAN makes a wide selection of water based acrylics and specializes, or at least got its start in doing Soviet/Russian colors. I have used their water based paint in the past and generally liked it, but my preference is for paints that I can thin with solvents, particularly lacquer thinner.

When I read that AKAN had produced a line of acrylic lacquers, I knew I had to invest in some of them. So I bought several sets. One of them is this one for the Soviet Air Force from 1978-1989. These are used on camouflaged versions of the Su-17, Su-25, MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-25 and MiG-27.  Behind the paints are photos of several camouflaged planes and on the back is a two view of an Su-25 using these shades and an advert of other sets in this series.

This set includes six colors a grey-blue, emerald green (which I have to assume is the interior color), green, beige, sand, and brown. Except for the emerald green, these are all different shades from the set reviewed yesterday. An interesting note is that these Russian paints are made in Belgium by DuPont.

I'm looking forward to giving these a try the next time I build the appropriate kit.

 March 2017

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