AKAN USSR/Russia auto/moto/AFV

SET: 46308
PRICE: $26.00
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


AKAN makes a wide selection of water based acrylics and specializes, or at least got its start in doing Soviet/Russian colors. I have used their water based paint in the past and generally liked it, but my preference is for paints that I can thin with solvents, particularly lacquer thinner.

When I read that AKAN had produced a line of acrylic lacquers, I knew I had to invest in some of them. So I bought several sets. It may seem odd to you that I'd get a set for armor, but the truth is that I do like to build crawly things from time to tome; mostly in 1/48 scale. Behind the paints are photos of several camouflaged vehicles and on the back is a four view of what I think is a T-80 using these shades and an advert of other sets in this series.

This set includes six colors, each of which has a note on the bottle indicating its intended use. As you'd guess, they are all earth tones with a dark blue-gry, black-grey, green protective (whatever that means), grey-green, yellow and green. While I cannot promise anything really soon, I'm looking forward to giving this set a try.

March 2017

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