AK Interactive Clear Colors 1

SET: AK 264
PRICE: 10.95 euros
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

AK Interactive of  Spain has produced a new set of three of the more widely used clear colors. First there is red which is usable for auto brake light, aircraft position lights, ships lights and for emergency lights on things like police cars and ambulances. Next is green which can also be use for aircraft and ship position lights as well as the tinted windows on helicopters. The last is orange which can be useful for turn signal lights on cars as well as for those who need an orange clear when doing wood effects. These colors can be thinned using the recently reviewed nitrocellulose thinner.

I used this set on the navigation lights of a current build, and found them to be very easy to brush on without any issues regarding pooling or streaks.

August 2014

Thanks to www.ak-interactive.com for supplying the review item. Visit their web site for more information and to buy your set.