AK Interactive Landing Gear Weathering Set

SET: AK 2030
PRICE: 10.50 euros
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

AK Interactive of  Spain has produced a line of weathering and paint products that should be of interest to modelers. This is a nice weathering set for landing gear. This set contains three different washes/stains. The first one is Shafts and Bearings Grease. This is a liquid. Next, is Landing Gear Dust Effect, which is a powder. The final is Landing Gear Wash, which is a liquid. Using these should provide you with the sort of grungy gear bay and gear that you sometimes see on planes that have been in combat a while. The cover of the set shows some expamples of where to use these products.

I have used some of these products on recent projects and can tell you that they work very well. The liquids are enamel based products.

July 2014

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