Alpha Images Inc German SS w MG 34




$9.00 MSRP




Scott Van Aken


Resin kit

This is the second review sample from Alpha Images and depicts an SS soldier in a greatcoat carrying an MG34. As with the earlier review, this one is superbly molded with minimal resin block attachment points, making it a breeze to remove the parts. All the bits are keyed so there is no problem attaching them.

The kit has one small glitch that I noticed and that is a small hole on the bottom of the greatcoat. No problem to fix as a dab of superglue and careful sanding will take care of it. I'd recommend a thorough cleaning of all the parts with warm, soapy water to remove the mold release agent that coats the parts. There is also some minimal flash that can easily be removed. Though there are no instructions, the box art shows enough to allow for accurate painting. Now speaking as an airplane guy, I can tell you that I'm pretty clueless as to the color of the myriad items molded to the back of the figure so I'd appreciate a rear view showing these bits, but I'll assume they are either black or grey! The mounting location for the spade is easily spotted so no worries there.

I'm not much of a figure builder, but this is one I'd like to tackle in the near future. Looks like it will be a fun build.

Thanks to Alpha Images Inc for the review sample. This one and many others are carried by CRM Hobbies in St. Louis.

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