Alpha Images Inc British Tanker




$9.00 MSRP




Scott Van Aken


Resin figure kit

Alpha Images is a new company to me. From viewing their web site, they do a rather eclectic range of military figures, all in resin. The first thing one notices is that they are followers of the 'minimal resin block attachment' club. For that I do thank them as spending time hacking bits off a resin block isn't my idea of fun. I also noticed that these guys use a bit more mold release than others so be sure to wash the parts off in warm water and detergent before building or painting.

The quality of the castings themselves are superb. The mold seam lines are very small and should be easy to remove. Attachment points of body parts are keyed so there isn't any problem with getting things at the proper angle. As with most small figures as this one, it has no instructions or painting guide; the box art being more than sufficient to use as a painting guide.

I'm sure that this figure will add some spice to your next diorama or look equally nice as a stand-alone figure.

Thanks to Alpha Images Inc for the review sample. This figure and many others are carried by CRM Hobbies in St. Louis.

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