SET: Agama Patinator
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REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


Another neat product from the Agama line are Patinators. These allow the modeler to put a patina on their models. In this case, Light Rust and Dust were sent in, and I'm sure there are many other shades that would be useful in model building. This is very much like pastel chalk but it seems to have some sort of 'stick' to it as when I put some on the end of my finger, it didn't simply brush away and I had to scrub it off. Same when I wiped some on my trousers. Having this tendency makes it most useful, especially for armor builders who seem to think their vehicles are never washed! The instructions state that they can also be mixed with water or thinner if needed.

If you hobby shop doesn't carry Agama products, then ask them to start.

April  2007

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