SET: Agama Glue for Plastic Models
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REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

Many months ago, Agama contacted me to see if I'd like to try some of their products. Well, a nice box full of goodies arrived and the first things I've had the opportunity to use is their glue. It comes in an 18 ml bottle with a hypodermic applicator (tip clipped off). The glue itself is sort of mid-way between water thin glues like Tenax and standard tube glue. I have been using it to build a kit and have to say that I have found it not only to be good cement, but quite handy as well. It is viscous enough to stay where you put it and doesn't evaporate like the thinner cements. Most useful for large areas like wings and fuselages. I have found that using the pin that comes with it is helpful for putting on very small amounts for the tinier bits and pieces.

I'm quite impressed with this cement and do recommend it to you. If you hobby shop doesn't carry it, ask them to start.

April  2007

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