Aeroslides quality aircraft prints


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Scott Van Aken


Only available direct from Aeroslides

It is no secret that I like the Bf-109. Whenever I see something '109', it piques my interest. Aeroslides, which is well known for providing quality transparencies, has gone into the print business. They have started out with two 109 prints. They are printed on 250 gm coated paper, provide and photo and caption of the aircraft in question, and are A3 (11.7 x 16.5 inches) size. A bit of an odd size for the US, but one that is pretty standard for those of you who live in Europe or other countries.

So far the first two in the Aces of the Luftwaffe series are for Hermann Graf and his Bf-109G-6 with the colorful red 'tulip' nosed plane in September of 1943 as shown on the left. The second is Dietrick Hrabak in 1943/44 on the Russian Front when he was Kommodore of JG 52 (to the right).

Both prints are superbly done and to the highest standards They will make an excellent addition to the walls of your modeling room. As a note, both images are shown small on purpose to prevent any unauthorized copying. These prints are only available direct so please use the link below.

Thanks to Aeroslides for providing the review items.

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