Aeromaster 'Aircraft Colors' paint


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Scott Van Aken


Acrylic paint

If you are like me and many other modelers, you really bemoan the demise of the old Aeromaster line of paints when Testors decided to do away with them. Well, I have some great news for you....A new company, The Color of Eagles, has decided to introduce a line of toned down acrylics for us

The Color of Eagles has contracted with a Spanish manufacturer to produce these colors. I do believe it is Vallejo as the bottles are the same as what I've been using from that paint line. Each contains 5/8 ounce and comes in an eyedropper type bottle, which is great for those who like to get precise thinning and mixing ratios. It apparently is air-brushable from the bottle as the info sheet states that if one once to thin it, then 15-20% water is all that is needed. I obtained some late war Luftwaffe colors and test shots show that coverage is quite good. It can be brush painted as well with little problem.

Colors have not been 'scale matched' but have been toned down so they are not as dark. The info sheet states that the colors are 'masking tape safe', but I still advise caution and relatively low tack tape (such as Tamiya's) be used just to be sure!

Initial releases will concentrate on  Luftwaffe, US and British WWII shades with more to follow as the line gets established. About the only thing I could find that I'd improve upon is that there is no indication on the label as to what color paint is inside. I'll chalk that up to this being an introductory batch and hope that this oversight is corrected on production paints. I'd also love to see them bring out a line of enamels, but have been told that it won't happen, which from my point of view, is too bad as I prefer them.

Anyway, it is very nice to have this line of paints available and I'm sure that they will be well received by all.

Review items courtesy The Color of Eagles

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